Goodbye Magazine’s Coverage of The Wedding of The Year

The Bride and Groom Gobnaith and Fachtna are back from the honeymoon. It is quite sad really as they came back separately, Gobnaith taking the train home on her own. It seems Fachtna accused her of kissing the Best Man Bosco before she kissed him and considering all of the women that came out of the woodwork at the Wedding ceremony, he really had some nerve. Bishop Belmont is trying to smooth things over but Fr Ringo is no help at all seeing as he also rushed in to kiss the bride. If you missed all of this madness you can watch it on video for just 10 Euro. D.V.D.s on sale from Ella Gannon at 9624725 or Colleen Guckian at 9624740. All proceeds go to defray the debt on The Community Centre Drumsna.

Drumsna Residents watch the New Railway Bridge as it is lifted in place

The wedding is over and the bride and Groom are very thankful to all of the people who attended the reception and gave them the forty four toasters. The night was a bit damp but it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the great people who performed in the Wedding party. The cast included Patricia O Reilly as the Bride Gobnaith Mc Loopy, Sonny Moran as the Groom Fachtna O Magoteen, Best Man Bosco, Liam Taylor, Groomsman Festy Pat Reid, Bridesmaid Flora, Geraldine Monaghan, Bridesmaid Fauna Myra Reynolds, Franc The wedding planner, Mickey Mc Nabola, his assistant Britney, Anne Marie O Reilly, Bride’s Mother Marilyn Gerry Gilroy, Brides Father Strongbow, Micheal Guckian, Groom’s Father Fachtna Senior, Jim Gannon, Groom’s mother Kathleen Reynolds, Groom’s Stepmother, Bernie Daniels, Bishop Belmount, Michael O Dowd, Father Ringo Derek Kellegher, The Mayor of Dromara and entourage, Themselves, Sister Boniface, Elvira Gilroy, Sister Concepta, Carmel O Dowd, Objector No.1 Nellie, Colleen Guckian, Twins fachtna Junior Michael O Rourke, Bianca, Edwina Guckian, Objector No2. Poppy Ella Gannon, Sheik Farook Mahomad, Kevin Ludlow, Objector No.3, Politician Brendan Reynolds, Undertaker Pat Dennehy, Referee Mary Shanley, Narrator Amy Coorslitehouse, Sinead Guckian, Organist from the X Factor, Fionnuala Maxwell, The Goodbye Team, Noel Duignan Camera, Carmel Guckian, Film, Barry Guckian Reporter. The D.D.A. wish to thank everyone who supported the Function, the actors, the sponsors of spot prizes, the doormen, The Bush Hotel and staff, Gerry Keenan and everyone who helped out in any way. The bride and Groom are at the moment traveling around Skibbereen, Ballydehob and Schull. They will be back next week to look at the DVD of the wedding which Carmel from the Goodbye Team is working on at the moment. Special Editions of the DVD will be on sale soon.

Goodbye Magazine’s Coverage of the Build up to The Wedding of the Year

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