The Community Resource Center

The Site of The CenterIn the 1990s there was a growing number of successful committees in the locality, suitable accommodation for meetings, functions etc.. Was becoming a problem. Many of the committees within the community had also highlighted a number of other resources that were lacking in the village and the hinterland. Drumsna Development Association, decided to draft a proposal for the development of a resource centre, to address the needs of the community;

  • Provide badly need facilities for existing community groups.
  • Provide a centre building for all members of community to meet and use
  • Provide a tourism centre.
    Provide an education centre.
  • Provide additional services to the older community, through HSE.
  • Provide facilities for the youth
  • Provide employment and commercial leases

Through increasing and focusing the interests in the area, become the trigger for additional projects and pride in the community

The benefits certainly would out way the work and commitment

With the village being by passed in the 1990s, this planned centre would offer facilities to attract people from the adjoining communities back into the village on daily visits.

Constuction of the CenterThe procurement of the derelict site was made possible through lobbying by the then local Councilor Michael Guckian, and numerous meetings and discussion with the then Health Board.

The design of the New building was very important and completed in consultation MaryOCarroll Architects, full input by the community, Leitrim county council and the North Western Health Board. Consultation with the community also included discussions with adjoining villages and members from the hinterlands. The design chosen was also in keeping with the existing streetscape and this is one of the reasons for the unusual shape of the side of the building.

As requested by all, the building is much more than a meeting and function holding centre.
Commercial Elements, bringing services to the village. The HSE uses the center to provide a drop in day centre for older persons and a meals on wheels service.
The building has been designed to ensure accessibility to all members of the community, the design includes and top of the range Lift.

The sustainability of the centre was a very conscious part of the preliminary proposals, while there is a large voluntary contribution for the running and managing of the centre, the financing of the building and its functions is assisted by the number of commercial units contained within’

The centre has been funded as a capital project, so far, by the HSE, Peace II and IFI, Dormant accounts funding was The Centeralso secured to install a stainless steal kitchen.

Since opening the center has accommodated computer classes, dancing classes, and evening cookery demonstration and a very enjoyable community birthday party, Digital based Media Classes, Art Classes. This property is more than a wise and valuable asset that our community owns, it is the centre and heart of the community providing services to every member, old and young, what ever their needs might be.

The Center in use

Mike MalleeThe manager of the Drumsna Community Resource Centre is Mike Mallee, originally a native of Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo. He has a diverse background in both the public and private sectors, ranging from housing and education administration in two London boroughs in the 1970’s and 80’s to owning, managing and developing a successful private nursing home business in co. Waterford in the 90’s. Mike’s postgraduate studies specialise in family systemic therapy. He is a trained counselor and psychotherapist and has managed and run two addiction-training facilities in Navan, Co. Meath and Longford, Co. Longford.

Mike can be contacted at