Drumsna Development Assosiation – Village Renewal Project

In the late seventies, early 80s Drumsna Tidy Towns Committee was formed. By the mid nineties, the Tidy Towns committee broaden their scope and became Drumsna Development Association.
The images below show areas around the village and how these areas have improved with the intervention of the Development Association. The first image is the fair green area in the late seventies and early eighties and you can see this is a good example of how the village required a lot of work. In order to see how the then tidy towns committee developed from a mere tidying and maintaining committee to a much more developed and aware committee we can look at this same location today. As you can see the Development association has become much more acute to their surroundings and the recent redesign of the fair green is much more in keeping with the built environment and our natural heritage. There has also been the introduction of a functional seating area. This project was design by the Development Association and assisted by funding received from Leitrim County Council, under ” The town and village renewal” funding. The entrance to the harbour was also another area of first visual impact for boating visitors, while not as visible to the road user passing through, the committee soon realised the value of attracting more boating tourists into the village. The committee became ever more aware of the importance of seeing the village from an outsiders perspective. The approach today from the harbour, is simple and quaint. The rest of the photos also underline the work done by the Development Association in improving the character and environment of the village.